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Dino Chiodo

Dino Chiodo

Dino Chiodo

Ontario Chairperson

Dino Chiodo began his union career in 1999 as a shop steward at the Chrysler minivan plant.  Six years later he was elected committee-person in the Trim Division representing 1,200 workers.  In that position, Dino gained the experience needed to quickly become the first vice-president and shortly thereafter, president of CAW Local 444 in 2012.

Since being at the Local union, he has revived the Veteran’s Committee, Youth Committee, Aboriginal & Workers of Colour Caucus and the LGBT Caucus.

Dino is currently the elected chairperson of the Chrysler Master Bargaining committee and he led negotiations with Chrysler in September 2012.  Faced with the toughest round of bargaining yet at the Big Three, Dino was able to secure positive gains and hold the line on future concessions for the 17,500 active and retired members of his local union and throughout all of Chrysler Canada.

Dino is the president of the Windsor & District Labour Council and an advocate for workers’ rights as well as issues pertaining to women, young workers, Aboriginal workers, workers of colour and immigrant workers.  His efforts in building the community of Windsor/Essex are recognized with his many achievements as a board member for the Labour Sponsored Community Development Group, the CAW Childcare Board, WOHIS, the Labour Advisory Council, the United Way, Plentiful Harvest and the Unemployed Help Centre of Windsor.  He is always working on a project with community partners which will advance the causes of working people and their families. 

When he gets breaks in his hectic schedule, he enjoys spending time with his beautiful daughter Brooklynn and his wife Deborah.