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President's Message

Day of Mourning recognizes workers killed on the job

Many lives are devastated when a worker is killed on the job. Sometimes, even entire communities...

President's Message

For her determined ignorance, Beyak must resign

It is well past time for Senator Lynn Beyak to do something she has so far refused to do...

President's Message

Sales tax on Uber says sharing economy isn't above the law

Tucked away towards the back of the recent federal budget was a short passage that represented a significant victory...

President's Message

Liberals' Budget Makes It Clear Working Canadians Are A Priority

As I went through the details of the federal budget -- the second for this Liberal government...

President's Message

Gender analysis will be key to assessing federal budget

For more than two decades, Canadians have been promised a gender-based analysis of the impact federal budgets...

President's Message

No progress for any worker without progress for all

This week, I am in Guyana to offer the support of Unifor members to workers in this country’s vital sugar industry...