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Canada must reconsider CETA after Brexit

Imagine this. You buy a house. You like the house a lot. You find it welcoming, and can imagine having a long life with that house. You particularly like the kitchen, and the neighbours seem nice. So you sign the deal, and go to the bank to work out the mortgage.

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Working people are finally being heard

There has been a thaw of sorts lately in Ottawa and other corridors of power...

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Tough talk needed with Mexican president

I have made no secret of my respect for our new Prime Minister...

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Manitoba's Anti-Union Bill Is A Step Backward

Canadians have a constitutional right to join a union. There is no legal...


Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce misled public about unionization

Loren Remillard’s ideological tirade against unions (June 20 “Secret ballots and democracy”) is both under-researched and misleading. Remillard falsely asserts that workers in Manitoba cannot vote by secret ballot to join a union. In fact, it has been enshrined in Section 40(1)2. of the Labour Relations Act for decades.

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Electoral Reform Is An Important Debate For This Country

Vote with your heart. Vote for the person in your area and the national party...