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President's Message

Reflecting on the US election

What now after the US election? This is a question many have asked and I have been thinking about. Read my blog on what I think is needed.

President's Message

Fighting for a fair trade future

Free trade rarely comes cheap, and too often the price is just too high...


SaskTel is the goose that lays golden eggs

In Aesop’s Fables, there is a clever story about shortsighted greed that destroys the profitability of an asset...

President's Message

Moment of truth on electoral reform

The committee looking into reforming the voting system in this country is quickly coming to its moment of truth...

President's Message

More small voices making a big noise needed on CETA

A small part of Belgium – itself a small country – voted late last week to say that it cannot support...

President's Message

With each deal, more good jobs secured

The stability of the auto industry in Canada became much more secure this week with Unifor’s new collective agreement...