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Abuse hampers the progress of women in politics

The progress of women in politics - something this country very much needs - has been painfully slow...

President's Message

CETA ratification as undemocratic as the deal itself

The federal government is ramming ratification of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) through Parliament in a process as undemocratic as the deal itself.

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Trump presidency a wake-up for progressives

It has been a week since we woke up to the reality of a Donald Trump presidency...

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Canadian auto industry is back on the right path

While our negotiations and the three ratified collective agreements have put the industry on a stronger footing than it was before these talks began, many of the challenges facing the auto sector have not simply disappeared and the job is not done yet.

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Reflecting on the US election

What now after the US election? This is a question many have asked and I have been thinking about. Read my blog on what I think is needed.

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Fighting for a fair trade future

Free trade rarely comes cheap, and too often the price is just too high...