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Aug 19 - 4:45 PM EDT
It is up to unions to take the lead in the fight against the rise of the right...
May 19 - 9:45 AM EDT
Unifor's position on Canadian content and Industrial Regional Benefit requirements in government procurement of manufactured goods.
Naureen Rizvi, Ontario Regional Director, with a multi-party committee of Danish Parliamentarians.
Feb 16 - 11:45 AM EST
Canada’s trade deal with Europe is being pushed through Parliament without proper consideration...
Strong Local Unions
Aug 25 - 4:00 PM EDT
After 16 months of meetings, debates and discussions, Unifor launched a major new effort...
Jun 15 - 10:15 AM EDT
Unifor’s campaign to stop ratification of the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal ramped up in Toronto on June 15 with a community rally and Town Hall that
Jul 7 - 2:45 PM EDT
The TPP would put the Canadian automotive industry at risk, a new study concludes.
Jun 1 - 7:15 PM EDT
The top priority in Detroit Three talks will be securing new products and investment mandates.
Dec 5 - 3:30 PM EST
Unifor Local 200 member and NDP MP at Ontario Regional Council.
Aug 6 - 4:30 PM EDT
Unifor's factsheets about the impact of the automotive industry in various communities...
Nov 3 - 3:30 PM EST
A study by two Unifor economists found there is is no consistent connection between higher minimum wages