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Bargaining a Domestic Violence Policy & Program

An effective domestic violence policy or program should be a component of other workplace violence policies and procedures.

2017 International Women's Day poster

2017 International Women's Day poster

Challenge Sexism - End Violence Poster

Challenge Sexism - End Violence poster

Women-to-Women canvass leaflet

Ontario votes: the stakes are high for Ontario women

Working women working poor

A new study to be released on Thursday, March 6 finds that job prospects for women in the Greater Toronto Area are dismal and not getting any better. The study “Working Women, Working Poor” will be released at a press conference on Thursday. It tracks women of a range of ages, ethnic backgrounds and education levels in Toronto and their experiences in the job market.

Unifor Women's Advocate Program Booklet

One of the best tools the union has to prevent violence against women and workplace harassment is the Women’s Advocate program.