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D-J Composites Lock-out

Aerospace workers from Local 597 were locked out by their American-based employer just before Christmas in December 2016—almost 21 months ago.

D-J Composites is headquartered in the right-to-work state of Kansas and has been allowed to behave as though its Gander operation is not subject to local labour laws.

The employer was found guilty of bad faith bargaining in May 2017. Earlier this year it was found in violation of provincial labour laws for a second time, but has so far faced no consequences from the provincial government.   

They tried to bust the union.

They hired scabs to do the work of Local 597 members.

The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador has remained silent, and for months ignored Unifor’s calls to fix outdated labour laws that have allowed this lock-out to continue for more than 600 days.

But since hundreds of union activists poured into Gander on September 26, and thousands more showed your support online- we finally found a resolution.

On Wednesday, October 3, D-J Composites agreed to binding arbitration to end this lockout.

Thank you.