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Unifor National Council 4000 CN & CNTL

Unifor National Council 4000 represents nearly 3300 rail workers across Canada including workers at CNTL, Intermodal, and CN Savage Alberta Railway. Negotiations are underway to reach five new collective agreements.

Campaign Update

Council 4000 will begin Negotiations with CNTL on Feb. 25, 2019

2/14/2019 -

Unifor will meet with representatives of CN Transportation Ltd. (CNTL) and CN Labour Relations on February 25, 2019 in Montreal to begin bargaining the renewal of our collective agreement that governs more than 1,000 dependent owner-operator truck drivers at CNTL.  Bargaining will continue through to February 28th.  Bargaining dates are also confirmed for March 5-8 in Calgary, Alberta.

Our CNTL membership move cargo for CN’s growing Intermodal business, including local pick-up and delivery, regional and long-haul delivery across Canada, and truck service at Canada’s ports in Vancouver, Montreal and Halifax.

Some of the bargaining priorities determined by our CNTL membership include significant improvements to zone and highway rates, improvements to disciplinary measures in the collective agreement, and insurance and benefits for CNTL owner-operators.

Rail Line

2/8/2019 -

From February 5-8 your bargaining committee for 5.1 and Supplemental agreements met in Montreal to commence bargaining with CN Rail.

Many discussions took place on key issues throughout the week. The bargaining committee raised may significant issues that affect the members on a daily basis, and are working diligently towards achieving an agreement.

We will be meeting again on February 25-28, 2019.

The committee remains determined to bargain the best agreement possible and are working hard to secure gains for you.

In the meantime, we would ask all members not to listen to the employer or any rumors within the workplace and that if you have any questions or comments that you contact your local union representative directly.

In solidarity,

Your bargaining committee for council 4000

Local 100 ratifies new collective agreement with CN

1/30/2019 -

Members of Unifor Local 100 have voted to ratify a new Collective Agreement with CN that represents a breakthrough in in improvements to benefits at CN Rail.

“From day one, we told CN our hard working rail members need to share in the profits because they are what made CN the highly successful company it is today,” said Jerry Dias, Unifor National President.

The new four-year agreement includes two and a half per cent increases in each of the first two years and three percent in each of the final two years from 2020 to 2022.

Unifor local 100 represents 2100 rail workers across Canada.

 “We took our members top three issues: wages, benefits and sick days very seriously and we want to thank members for their support throughout the bargaining process,“ said Terry McKimm, Local 100 President.

Improvements were made to extended health care and dental benefits and short-term disability, with three paid sick days plus new premiums for the northern living allowance.

Bargaining continues for 3300 other CN rail workers at CNTL, Intermodal, and CN Savage Alberta Railway represented by Unifor National Council 4000 and CN Transportation Ltd.

Bargaining Update

1/24/2019 -

The bargaining committees met with representatives from CN and CN Transportation Ltd. in Montreal to formally open negotiations on the Council’s five collective agreements; CN Agreement 5.1, CN Agreement 5.1 Supplemental (Intermodal), CN Agreement 5.4, CN Savage Alberta Railway and the CNTL Collective Agreement.  These agreements cover the 3,270 Unifor members of Council 4000 from across Canada.

“Our hard working rail workers have made CN the profitable company that it is today and we will be seeking their fair share in wages and benefits in these negotiations,” said Jerry Dias, Unifor National President.

Proposals were exchanged and more dates for negotiations are tentatively scheduled to start the week of February 4, 2019.  All five collective agreements expire on March 31, 2019.

The four Unifor Bargaining Committees of the Council are united and determined to bargain the best agreements possible.  We would like to assure our members that we will work diligently on your behalf to secure gains in your work rules, wages and benefits.

To this end, we do not bargain in public and we will use the RailLINE and the Council 4000 website ( and this bargaining pages along our social media sites, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to update you as often as possible. 

“We are bargaining strategically together to address the needs of our members who are the driving force behind CN’s continued record setting profits.” said Dave Kissack, President of Unifor National Council 4000.