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Christy Best

Christy Best

Prairie Chairperson

Christy Best is Unifor’s first Prairies Chair. She is also president of Unifor Local 649. Christy is an advocate for all workers, while recognizing the special needs and struggles of specific groups. Words used to describe Christy are: veracity, candour and empathetic.

Christy has been involved in the union from the start of her career with SaskEnergy over the past 25 years. Christy recognized early on that the rights and benefits of workers would be watered down without a strong union voice.

That voice developed over many years of involvement on a number of committees, shop steward, branch executive, council member, job evaluation committee and workplace conflict and harassment representative.

Christy also ensures that those in leadership roles in the union are accountable and that they share the core values of the union