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President's Message

Time for a real debate on TPP

Now that the Trans Pacific Partnership has been signed, maybe...

President's Message

Senate has no right to block repeal of C-377 and C-525

It took only a few minutes, but with a quick motion in the House of Commons last week...

President's Message

Stack of newspapers

Urgent action needed on newspapers

At a time when our consumption of the news is at an all-time high...


Queen's park

Katha Fortier: Fixing lax standards in the workplace

While your editorial on the widespread abuse of labour standards revealed...


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Fred Wilson COP21 Update - concluding thoughts

As the COP21 climate conference comes close to a conclusion, the world can breathe a bit easier. All-night negotiations chaired by France’s Laurent Fabius produced a near to final agreement that delivers at least some of the ambitions we have been waiting for.


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COP21 Update - Emergencies in Paris

The climate emergency is now at decision point for COP21. This second Tuesday of the COP has been described as "influence day" before a near final text emerges tomorrow that in turn will set up a final day of negotiations towards the agreement on Friday that the world is waiting for.